Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ree, I'm Sorry

I like to consider myself to be a very open-minded individual.  That said, sometimes I make my mind up about something when I really don't have all the information.  I'm human that way.

For example, I had, for whatever reason, come to the conclusion that Ree Drummond, aka the Pioneer Woman, was not for me.  I mean, I'm about as far as you can get from a pioneer woman.  For me, roughing it means that there's not a Target or a Barnes & Noble store nearby.  I'm not a "city" girl, but I definitely love my comforts.  I believed that Ree's way of life and my way of life had nothing in common, that perhaps her "pioneer" life and viewpoint would have nothing to offer me.

Still, I was curious about all the hoopla about Ree.  It seemed like I was seeing her all over the place.  Blogs I read mentioned her newest book, I saw her on TV a few times, both on her show, The Pioneer Woman, and as a guest on Paula Deen's show.  She seemed nice.  Accessible.  Funny.  Down-to-earth.  I borrowed her latest book, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier, from the library.  I was smitten.  These weren't just "pioneer" or "cowboy" recipes.  These were great recipes, ones that I would enjoy making and my family would enjoy eating.  I was captured by the style of the book; it was almost like looking through a scrapbook.  I loved reading the anecdotes and stories about Ree's life and family.  The Pioneer Woman WAS for me.  I was an instant fan once I gave her a chance!

I ended up buying her first cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes From an Accidental Country Girl, the other day, and I plan to purchase the one I have on loan from the library eventually, too.  I cannot wait to try her cinnamon roll recipe, as well as many others from the books.

I'm really glad I gave Ree a chance.  Doing so has introduced me to a woman who I will enjoy learning from and about through her books, website, and Food Network Show.  I'm sorry, Ree, that I pre-judged you, and I'm glad I took the time to find out the real story.  Thanks for all you do.

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