Wednesday, August 19, 2009


How many people in the West Bend community is Ginny Maziarka going to be allowed to attack, harass, defile, and make innuendos about?

If you live in the West Bend area and have not yet spoken up about Ginny's actions, it is past time to say enough is enough. Ginny was against changing the language of the school district's sexual harassment policy because it would protect students from harassment concerning sexual orientation. She claimed this specificity is not needed, that protecting students from harassment about sexual orientation is not the same as protecting them from harassment about race, religion, creed, etc. She said the language of the new policy infringed on other students' rights of free speech.

Ginny is all for protecting free speech rights when it means she can say whatever she wants without any recourse. On her blog, she has gone after everyone, including yours truly, "the likes of Maria Hanrahan." She's called me the "West Bend Woman (who) says Porn is OK for Kids" and called my website/group "West Bend Parents for Free Sex...(oops! Speech.)" She's called UWWC professor Mark Peterson a liar. She has gone after West Bend East teacher Scott Lone on more than one occasion. She's called West Bend resident Kristina Smithers "maniacal" and made other disparaging remarks. She accused local pastor Pam Marolla of completing a false police report. I understand that when the harassment policy was being discussed, she went after Kris Beaver of the School Board. Within the last week she's made derogatory comments about School Board candidate Carl Knepel and Scott Lone (again.) When will it end?

I think the banner comment of the week has to be "Intellectual freedom for minor is DANGEROUS. Brings to mind the "independent thought alarm" scenario from the Simpsons. We can't have those youngsters thinking for themselves!

Ginny Maziarka does not speak for West Bend, WI. She claims to represent the majority of the community, but offers nothing to substantiate this. Its time for the citizens of this community to speak out and end her bullying of other citizens and acting in other ways that tarnish our community's reputation. I'm not saying she does not have the right to speak her opinion and take action to make changes she believes are necessary in the community. However, we don't have to remain silent (thereby indicating acquiescence) about her rantings about our fellow citizens and our community.


  1. Personally, reading through Ginny's site I was infuriated. Working with Carl in his school board campaign, her remarks about him were especially angering. Today, I saw her comments (yet again) on Scott Lone and that pushed me over the edge. I hope everyone with my same opinion will voice it, if not just to let Ginny know that her thinking is wrong and she does not speak for all of West Bend, and her close minded thinking is not shared by all the citizens.

  2. Thank you Maria. I hope all of you- Sleepless in West Bend, Censorship Free Libraries, Maria, and others, keep posting. Please continue to bring light to Ginny's half truths and innuendo's about fellow citizens and your library.

  3. Setting aside the substance of the issue, allow me to note something extremely humorous in this post. Not in a bad way, mind you, it's just funny. I thought I'd make other people aware of how funny this is.

    The post complains about Ginny and says "enough is enough."

    What's funny is Ginny has substantially similar goals to an organization called "Enough is Enough" at !! But in this present blog post, "enough is enough" is used against Ginny!

    I think that is funny.

    Thank you for this interlude from substantive issues.

  4. I beg to differ with you Dan. Many residents of West Bend, particularly those that have been constantly vilified by Ginny, including myself, think this is a very substantive issue. You'll note the overwhelming majority of comments to Ginny's blog posts about Carl and Scott to say the same thing....enough already.

  5. Maria, relax. My statement was an aside to the main issue, and I so stated. I was not saying your main issue was not substantive. I was and remain trying to make a friendly comment. I tried to carefully point out that is was a friendly comment not related to the issue raised in the blog post. As to the substantive issue, I am not from West Bend and would have no significant basis to say one way or the other. So please, Maria, relax. I'm just trying to be friendly. The "enough is enough" phrase struck me as funny given the Enough Is Enough site at has some substantially similar goals to what Ginny is doing. So I pointed that out as an aside without taking sides. Cool?

  6. Really? You libs make me laugh! I can hardly wait to see all you fag lovers rotting in the pits of HELL!

  7. Um, won't you be surprised, Anonymous, when you find out that the place you THINK you're going is filled with gays, lesbians, transgendered folk, and the Obama family. You're kind of hate and bigotry won't get you even close to the arms of Jesus, so prepare yourself.

  8. I'm not that kind of Christian, I'm more of a worrior for GOD! If you read the Bible, you'd know that homo's won't even get to the gates. So I'm not really worried. As for MY hate, I don't really hate anyone, I do feel sorry for them though.

  9. Yes the term "fag lover" doesn't insinuate hate at all. And by the way the "warrior for God" attitude died along with the Crusades. If you read the Bible you would know that Jesus came for all people. He didn't come to save those who were heterosexual. All anyone has to do is admit they are a sinner, accept Jesus, and BAM salvation. So why don't you step down of your "sacred" throne and get a reality check. I can't believe you even call yourself a Christian when you say things like that.